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Security services

One of the priorities of our company is the protection of stationary objects of different ownership. 'Protection is a complex of measures to ensure reliable operation of the production process and ensure the safety of all inventory at customer sites, and enforcement of access and interobjectional regimes.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On security activity" in the contracts on provision of health conditions determined by our company compensation for damage caused through improper performance of health personnel of their obligations. On the initiative of one of the parties contract for the provision of health can also be insured in one of the insurance companies - in case of causing property damage due to improper performance of health personnel of their obligations.

Providing security services we take care of all expenses for the maintenance of guards, including the delivery of security personnel at the facility. To organize the protection of preferred work shifts. Our enterprise uses special tools, air guns, radio communication, means security purposes, as well as dogs that are considered suitable for official use and have a veterinary certificate.
In order to prevent abuse not allowed to duty guards at the facility who live closer than 50 km from the house or having employees in the facility among relatives and friends.

According to instructions from health facilities, security can control the movement of property (products) - is the importation of raw materials, manufacture, storage, export finished products, etc., which is the relevant documentation. Each object set bandwidth and interobjectional modes.

All staff of our company has the protection of health certificates and the criminal record and while on duty all guards dressed in uniform sample. By duty allowed only employees who have state certificate on assignment (increase) of working qualification in a profession guards - code for public profession classifier - 5169.

Internal control over the proper implementation of health personnel can perform their duties security of the client. Checks duty on objects always carried out the management and security services of our company.

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